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WikiTeq Extensions

WikiTeq has a number of custom extensions we created or maintain. With our signature maintenance agreement we monitor extensions our clients use for "unmaintained" or "obsolete" status changes. If this happens we will take ownership of the extension and maintain it, ensuring that any submitted patches are reviewed and merged. This is on top of all the extensions we vetted and included in our WikiTeq Hosting installation.

WikiTeq Publicly Released Extensions

Cite Drawer

The CiteDrawer extension eases user interaction with the Cite extension by introducing a floating drawer displayed at the bottom of the screen when a user clicks on a link. More Information

Collapsible Sections

The CollapsibleSections extension allows the collapsing and expanding of content sections based on customizable parameters such as the header tag. More Information

Edit Account

The EditAccount extension has two main purposes. One is to change the password, real name, or email address of another user. The second is to disable the account of another user. More Information

Encrypted Uploads

The EncryptedUploads extension allows to encrypt uploaded files with a password. The password is visible to the uploader and can be shared with other users from selected groups. More Information

External Link Confirm

The ExternalLinkConfirm extension requires users to confirm after clicking an external link, before being sent to the external site. More Information

Flickr API

The FlickrAPI allows you to embed Flickr images into your wiki. It is intended as a replacement for Extension:Flickr and is mostly backwards-compatible. More Information

Google Analytics Metrics

The GoogleAnalyticsMetrics extension gets various metrics from Google Analytics and inserts them into a wiki page using a parser function. More Information

Google Custom Wiki Search

The Google Custom Wiki Search extension allows MediaWiki integration with Google Custom Search or Google Site Search. More Information

Group Whitelist

The GroupWhitelist extension allows you to grant users from selected group with a special per-page rights specifying affected pages list on a regular wiki page. More Information

Legal Login

The LegalLogin extension require acceptance of legal policies and correct answer on test questions during account creation and login. More Information


Lingo is a glossary extension. It lets you define a list of abbreviations and their definitions on a page and then displays these definitions whenever an abbreviation is hovered over in an article. More Information

Link Target

The LinkTarget extension allows admins to add a target attribute to internal and external links. That can be used to, for example, open external links in a new window. More Information

Lock Author

LockAuthor is a MediaWiki extension that prevents users from editing pages they have not created. More Information

Mass Message Email

The MassMessageEmail extension allows sending email messages to a list of users. It can also email wiki pages to users by transcluding them within the message. More Information

Meta Master

The MetaMaster extension is a simple extension that allows adding HTML ‎<meta> tags using a parser function. It supports any text as the name and description. More Information

My Variables

The MyVariables extension adds new built-in variables. More Information

Namespace HTML

The NamespaceHTML extension allows raw HTML in specified namespaces. It is intended to work just like the $wgRawHtml setting. The difference is that this extension allows specifying which namespace(s) should be able to contain raw HTML, which allows administrators to restrict raw HTML to namespaces with sufficient edit protections. More Information

Page Magic

The PageMagic extension adds a few parser functions to retrieve page id by name and vice versa. More Information

Per Page Language

The PerPageLanguage extension allows a multi-lingual wiki to display each page in the same language as its contents. It allows for the page's defined content language, a feature built into MediaWiki, to also define what language the user interface should use. More Information

Popup Alerts

The PopupAlerts extension allows to add popup alerts to wiki pages with an optionally specified expiration date so it can be controlled when (and if) users will see the popup again. More Information

Save Spinner

The SaveSpinner extension to page save, preview and changes action by adding respective buttons on the page edit form and on special page "FormEdit". While the next page is loading, it will display a very prominent spinner, informing the user that the action is in progress. More Information

Show Me

The ShowMe extension allows inserting a drop down or unordered list into pages, that will show different elements on the page depending on which option is selected. More Information

User Protect

The UserProtect extension provides straightforward per-user per-right per-page protection. It allows those with the userprotect right (administrators by default) to use a page protection tool that is similar to the way the core MediaWiki Protect action works. More Information

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