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What is Wikibase? 

Wikibase is an open-source software suite for collaboratively creating interoperable knowledge bases.

Wikibase is an extension to MediaWiki and is a flexible, customizable, and powerful open-source knowledgebase software. It was initially designed to power Wikidata but has gained interest in GLAM institutions and educational and research communities since then. 

Many Wikibase data export options exist, such as JSON, RDF, XML, YAML, N3, and others. There is also access to a powerful SPARQL query interface that supports federated queries, which allows you to share information between Wikibase instances. 

What is Wikibase?
Our Sevces

Wikibase Services

 MediaWiki and Wikibase is what we do. We have decades of experience creating hundreds of wikis and authoring dozens of extensions. Our team members are specialists in MediaWiki, server administration, design, and semantic data.


Custom Wikibase Sites & Extensions 

Wikibase Built to Address Your Needs

Get a unique solution designed, tested, and implemented specifically with your organization's goals in mind.

  • Wikibase Extension Development

  • Custom MediaWiki Skin Design

  • Semantic Technologies

Custom Wikibase Installation

Open-Source Knowledge Base

A professionally installed and configured Wikibase wiki, extensions, and tools. 

  • Blazegraph

  • Query Service UI

  • Wikibase Extensions

  • Quickstatements

  • OpenRefine


Maintenance & On-Call Support

Wikibase support when you need it most

Optimize your wiki's performance with active maintenance services. Minimize downtime with on-call support. 

  • On-Call Tech Support

  • Emergency Response 
  • Latest Bug & Security Fixes

Secure Wikibase Hosting 

Manage Data with Confidence

Secure your wiki on a dedicated MediaWiki server maintained by MediaWiki Developers.

  • Private Wikibase VPS

  • High-Performance Server

  • Optimized for Wikibase


Wikibase Training & Documentation

Become a Wikibase Pro

Customized training and documentation for you to get the most out of your wiki.

  • Video Tutorials

  • Documentation
  • 1 on 1 Training

Self-Hosted Wikibase Solutions

Full control of your data

Secure your wiki on a server of your choice by having professionals install it or have us upgrade an existing wiki.

  • MediaWiki Update

  • Self-Hosted Wikibase

Wikibase Development
Wikibase Hosting
WikiTeq Example MediaWiki Mockup.png

Wikibase Hosting

Create, Share & Collaborate 

Open-Source Knowledge Management Software

Get a Wikibase collaboration platform for a low-cost monthly fee. Your installation comes packaged with verified extensions and tools to ensure you have everything you need to get the job done.  


mediamodifier_image (3).png


Wikibase Hosting

More than a standard Wiki

Wikibase is a powerful and customizable open-source knowledge base that powers Wikidata. It is used by organizations, such as GLAM organizations and research communities, to utilize and manage their structured data. WikiTeq is a full-service, US-based MediaWiki and Wikibase company that will install and configure your Wikibase wiki.


Curated Wikibase Tools

  • Quickstatements

  • Query Service UI

  • MediaWiki Extensions

  • Wikibase Extensions

  • Elasticsearch

  • Wikidata Query Service


Mobile & Responsive Skins

Choose between seven different skins and layouts to get the right look for your wiki. You can also customize your skin and layout preferences page by page.   

The Latest & Greatest

Get The Most Recent LTS Version of MediaWiki

Every installation comes with the latest long term support, or LTS, version of MediaWiki. This means you'll have the newest features, most up-to-date security patches, and all of the necessary bug fixes.  


Wikibase Hosting, what is it?


Wikibase is an extended version of the software that powers Wikibase. We will help you design and adapt it to your organizations needs.


Create a solid data structure inside of Wikibase that follows best practices

Office Building


From a single user, to many million, WikiTEQ Hosting is designed to scale with your organization.


Wikibase Benefits

Unleash the power of your data

Wikibase has many tools to get the most out of your data. Blazegraph database allows you to run SPARQL queries, Quickbase helps you import data into your Wikibase, Query Service UI for visualizations of queries, and many more!

Flexible Data Model

Wikibase allows you to integrate with Wikidata and other parts of the Semantic Web, and you can also define your own properties and choose which statements you will add to items. 

Connections are the antidote to madness

Ever seen how a Wikipedia page is linked to other Wikipedia pages? MediaWiki is the muscle behind all of those rich connections. 

The power of open-source

Mediawiki and Wikibase are both open-source software that is used by thousands of organizations around the world. Retain ownership of your data and avoid vendor lock-in. 

Have control of your data

Since Wikibase is built on top of MediaWiki, you will be able to set permissions for those who have access to view and edit your data while tracking all the revisions ever made. 

Customize Wikibase to fit your exact needs

Because MediaWiki is open-source you're free to customize the software to exactly how you want it and avoid vendor lock-in or restrictions. Send us your ideas for customization here

With organization comes empowerment

Built to hold all of your important data and content in one place. From simple how-to documents, to data rich tables, MediaWiki can house the info that matters to you.

Teamwork makes the
dream work

Give every person in your organization a place to share, collaborate and learn. With no cap on users you can add collaborators without considering your budget.  



Take it with you, anywhere. 

All of our MediaWiki & Wikibase installs come pre-loaded with mobile friendly skins. Seamlessly search, view and edit your wiki just as you would on your desktop. 

MediaWiki Graph and Video.jpg

Wikibase Features

Visual Editing & WikiText

MediaWiki Visual Editing

The visual editor makes editing any wiki page as easy as writing an email. Bold, italicize, or underline your content with the standard hotkeys you're already familiar with. 

The visual editor also supports advanced functionality like tables, code blocks, and math functions. 

File Uploads 

MediaWiki File Uploads

MediaWiki can store any common file type as a unique wiki page. Each file page then displays helpful information about the file such as the file's history, a list of each page the file has been added to, and the files meta data. 


MediaWiki Watchlist

Do you have subject matter experts on your team who look after certain projects or subjects? With the Watchlist, they can easily stay up-to-date on changes to pages they're watching. 

Categories & Subpages

MediaWiki Categories.png

Making sure your team can quickly find the correct document is an important function of any knowledge management system. Easily organize your wiki pages with Categories and Subpages. 

Page Histories & Approved Revisions

MediaWiki Page History

With MediaWiki page revisions are never lost and can always be used again. Administrators can even set approved revisions of a page so everyone knows which version is current. 

Export & Print Pages

MediaWiki Export and Print Pages

We live in a digital age, but sometimes pen and paper are best! Easily print or export a page to a PDF with the "Print/Export" feature.