Wikibase Signature Maintenance & Support Plan

If you’re looking for a comprehensive support program for your organization’s MediaWiki installation you’ve come to the right place. Our Signature Plan is designed to give you the right mix of behind-the-scenes maintenance and on-demand support so that you and your organization will be successful with MediaWiki.

Benefits of The Signature Maintenance & Support Plan

Let us worry about your wiki staying updated with no downtime

Maintenance On-boarding 

  • Update your wiki to the latest Long Term Service (LTS) version.

  • Improve your wiki’s SEO, for public-facing wikis.

  • Install proprietary backup solution to ensure your wiki is always safe and accessible. 

  • Install proprietary monitoring systems to notify our team of issues before they’re noticed.

  • Create an identical testing environment of your wiki to ensure updates needed for production are tested and verified for compatibility.

Recurring Software Updates

  • Continuously update the server software, including the latest security and bug fixes.

  • Upgrade MediaWiki core when a minor version is released. This occurs every few months.

  • Install critical updates to all extensions and skins as needed.

  • Upgrade MediaWiki core, all extensions, and all skins when a major LTS version of MediaWiki is released. This occurs every 2 years.

Active Maintenance

  • Perform periodic site health checks to ensure the wiki is running smoothly.

  • Perform periodic backup tests to ensure backups are available and up-to-date. 

  • Constant monitoring of your wiki for common issues that can result in downtime.

  • Monitor extensions for "unmaintained" or "obsolete" status changes. If this happens we will take ownership of the extension and maintain it, ensuring that any submitted patches are reviewed and merged.

Improvement Recommendations

  • Perform wiki enhancement reviews. We’ll review your wiki and make recommendations for improvements, e.g. improved extensions, helpful templates, or development projects.

On-Demand Urgent Support via Email, Phone & Client Portal

  • Provide the highest priority urgent response for any critical issues that are detected or are reported to us.

  • Perform requested fixes, e.g. logo swaps, user email changes, and password resets.

Our Maintenance & Support goal is to ensure your wiki is secure, optimized & up-to-date. 

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