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How to rename a wiki page

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Page name is very important in MediaWiki, since pages are usually linked by their names. When you want to rename a page, MediaWiki has to take care about all links to the page that may exist in the database. If you have shared a link to your page with somebody, the link will become broken after renaming the page.

Therefore, MediaWiki calls this operation Move ("move page to the new title in the database") and provides the option to redirect from the old title to the new one automatically.

Moving a Wiki Page

There is a special interface for this operation that can be accessed via the Move link in the page tools menu:

Click the menu link and set the new page title in the form field New title. Please, note that you can:

  • Move a page to another namespace

  • Leave a note why the page has been moved

  • Request a redirect from old page to new one

  • Add both titles (the old and the new one) to your watchlist

Click Move page button to complete the operation.

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