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How To Use MediaWiki VisualEditor

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

What is VisualEditor?

The VisualEditor extension allows for editing pages as rich content (WYSIWYG) rather than using wiki markup. Editing in the visual editor is very similar to the editing in any office application, like Word or Writer.

The main MediaWiki Visual Editor toolbar looks like this:


You can:

  • make text bold or italic,

  • create bulleted or numbered lists,

  • define headings level,

  • create tables


You can:

  • insert footnotes / references,

  • insert links to wiki pages or external URLs,

  • insert templates, images


You can:

  • manage page categories and settings,

  • switch between visual and source editors

Automatic Citations in MediaWiki

You can even retrieve citations from the Internet (additional configuration is required):