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Staying Updated on Wiki Changes

When your wiki has hundreds or thousands of pages, it is important to have a way to follow up changes made by the numerous wiki contributors:

recent changes on a wiki
Recent Changes Filter

Recent Changes on a Wiki

Recent changes is a special page that lists recent changes in reverse order, with change date and time, change in the page size, user who created the page, and edit summary.

This feature is accessible at Special:RecentChanges. The page results are adjustable using settings on the Recent Changes tab in your preferences. You can choose which Recent Changes you want to display. You can combine different kinds of filters to display the results you want. The list of results is explained here.

Wiki Watchlist

Wiki Watchlist

Your watchlist is a display for tracking changes, similar to the Recent changes display, but limited to showing changes only across your set of "watched" pages. Changes to pages you haven't visited since the changes occurred are displayed in bold, with solid markers. You can see your watchlist by following the Watchlist link in your account menu.

Pages can be added to your Watchlist:

  • manually, while saving your changes

  • manually, via page menu Watch item

  • automatically, according to the policy set in the section Watchlist in your account Preferences.

Wiki Deletion Log